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Christopher V. Carman

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Harvard Medical School

Center for Vascular Biology Research
99 Brookline Avenue
Research North, RN-234
Boston, MA 02215


Major Research Interests:
Vascular and Cell Biology of Inflammation and Wound Healing

Our laboratory investigates the cell biological basis of inflammation and wound healing with special emphasis on leukocyte-endothelial interactions. The vascular endothelium is the monolayer of cells that lines the cardiovascular system and serves as the critical barrier between the tissues and the blood. Thus, the endothelium is strategically positioned to serve as a unique sentinel for communicating interstitial information to the circulating immune cells (i.e., leukocytes). In this way, the endothelium plays critical roles in directing the trafficking patterns, as well as activation states of leukocytes. The endothelium can also become damaged by inappropriate immune/inflammatory responses, creating a dysfunctional barrier that gives rise to many of the pathogenic features of inflammatory diseases such as sepsis, anaphylaxis, multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Our work makes extensive use of advanced fluorescence imaging, electron microscopy and biomechanical approaches to understand the fundamental basis and consequences of leukocyte-endothelial interactions and how they may become perturbed during inflammatory and immune-related diseases. Topics we are currently investigating include:

  1. The regulation of leukocyte trans-endothelial migration
  2. The role of the endothelium as an antigen-presenting cell
  3. The cytoskeletal and biomechanical regulation of vascular integrity
  4. The cell biologic basis for sepsis pathogenesis


1994B.S.University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH (Biochemistry)
1999Ph.D.Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA (Molecular Pharmacology & Structural Biology)

Postdoctoral Training:

1999-2004Cell Adhesion and Migration in the Immune System, Immune Disease Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA (Timothy A. Springer)

Academic Appointments:

2004-2006InstructorDepartment of Pathology, Harvard Medical School
2006InstructorDepartment of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
2006-Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Awards and Honors:

1993Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Award
1996-1998U.S. Department of Health PHS Fellowship
1998Thomas Jefferson University Alumni Fellowship
1999Sigma Xi Student Research Award
2000Thomas Jefferson University Alumni Outstanding Thesis Prize
2000-2002American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship
2003-2005NRSA Fellow, Postdoctoral Training Program in Cancer Immunology
2005Arthritis Investigator Award

Professional Societies:

2001-Member, Biophysical Society
2005-Member, The American Society for Cell Biology
2007-Member, Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies Center of Excellence
2008-Member, The Invadosome Consortium

Major Committee Assignments:

2006-Member, Center for Vascular Biology Research Planning Committee, BIDMC
2006-Chair, Center for Vascular Biology Research Website Development Committee, BIDMC
2006-Mentor, BioMatrix (Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology mentoring community), HST
2007-Member, Harvard Immunology Resource Committee, HMS
2008-Member, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology International Peer Review Committee

Editorial Boards:

1999-Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Biochemistry
2000-Ad hoc reviewer, Biochemistry
2003-Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Immunology
2005-Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Cell Biology
2006-Ad hoc reviewer, Molecular Biology of the Cell
2007-Ad hoc reviewer, Blood
2007-Ad hoc reviewer, American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology
2007-Ad hoc reviewer, Nature
2007-Ad hoc reviewer, American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology
2008-Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis
2008-Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Reproductive Immunology
2008-Ad hoc reviewer, The Anatomical Record
2008-Ad hoc reviewer, The Journal of Experimental Medicine
2009-Ad hoc reviewer, The European Journal of Immunology
2009-Ad hoc reviewer, Cancer Research

Teaching Experience:

2007Lecturer, Harvard Medical School, Human Physiology and Pathophysiology, DMS220
2007-2009Lecturer, Harvard Medical School, Immunology 202, Imm202

Selected Lectures:

2004Invited Presentation, Japanese Society for Cell Biology 57th Annual Meeting, Osaka, Japan
2005Invited Lecture, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2005Invited Lecture, University College of London, Institute of Ophthalmology, London, England
2005Invited Lecture, Oxford University, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford, England
2005Speaker, “Leukocyte Trafficking” Keystone Meeting, Taos, New Mexico
2005Invited Lecture, Brown University Medical School, Division of Biology and Medicine, Providence, RI
2006Invited Lecture, The Schepens Eye Research Institute, Boston, MA
2006Invited Lecture, Harvard Medical School, Vascular Biology Seminar Series, Boston, MA
2007Invited Lecture, Dartmouth Medical School, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Hanover, NH
2007Speaker, Annual Meeting of the Society for Microcirculation and Vascular Biology, Heidelberg, Germany
2007Invited Lecture, Organon Research Center, Organon Biosciences, Cambridge, MA
2008Speaker, “Cell Migration in Invasion and Inflammation” Keystone Meeting, Taos, New Mexico
2008Opening Address, “International Conference on Adhesion Molecules in Red Cell Endothelium Interactions”, Paris, France
2008Invited Lecture, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam. The Netherlands
2008Keynote Address, “Signal Transduction in the Blood-Brain Barriers”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008Speaker, “Ringberg Symposium: Molecular Mechanisms in Leukocyte Traffic”, Ringberg, Germany
2008Speaker, “The 9th International Congress on Cell Biology”, Seoul, Korea
2008Speaker, “The 1st Annual International Symposium of the Cell Dynamics Research Center”, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, Korea.
2008Invited Lecture, University of Pennsylvania Immunology Colloquium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2009Invited Lecture, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, Florida
2009Speaker, Aso International Meeting on Thrombosis, Hemostasis and Vascular Science, Kumamoto, Japan
2009Invited Lecture, University of Virginia, Biomedical Engineering Department, Charlottesville, Virginia